Wasif Design Associates is committed to conducting all of our business activities with integrity, social responsibility and in compliance with all legal and ethical standards of Australia.

Wasif Design Associates requires strict compliance with this commonly accepted Code of Conduct from all of our suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors and other production facilities. Wasif Design believes that by insisting on compliance, it will allow us to offer safe products, produced in a safe environment, while complying with all applicable national, local and international laws and regulations. To do this, they must ensure compliance with the following:

Health and Safety

Wages, Hours and Benefits

Environment Issues

Wasif Design Associates reserves the right to either conduct its own inspections or have an appointed third party organization conduct inspections of Wasif Design supplier’s factories, workplace environments, employment practices, records, and facilities at any time to ensure they are operating at a level meeting or exceeding Wasif Design’s high standards.

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